Speaker Marshall the perfect combination of sound and style!

Do you know the Marshall speakers?

Today I talk to you about the Marshall speaker, a very famous brand in the music field.

In your life you have certainly seen at least a rock concert, small or big, it does not matter. The band certainly sound music thanks to rectangular amplifiers.

On these amplifiers equipped with a lot of golden knob for the adjustments, certainly also written in italics placed on the front.

Do you remember the logo on the front? … it was definitely this!

logo Marshall

The Marshall amplification was born in 1962, from the idea of a young and enterprising drummer named Jim Marshall,  better known by the artistic name “Guv’nor”.

Marshall is a LEADER company in the amp industry worldwide. Over the years it has established itself as a true legend in the world of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

The unique sound, clear and clean, combined with a mythical stage presence, continues to thrill music fans all over the world.

Since its first amplifiers, Marshall continues to push the boundaries of sound into the unknown, with the latest available technologies.

This continuous search for perfection, today enters our homes, with a complete line of speakers produced by Zound Industries.

The products preserve the unique style of Marshall, which adapts to any type of environment and furniture: modern or classic, the unmistakable line will be perfect even in your home.

The attention to detail, the choice of materials, the structure completely in wood, give an exceptional sound. Warm and deep bass, typical of concerts.

The leatherette cover, available in black, brown and cream, gives the touch a unique feeling.
The brass knobs, for volume, highs and lows, allow a quick and immediate adjustment of the sound, unlike other speakers even more noble.

Speaker Marshall – the product range:

Speaker MarshallIn order from left to right: Stockwell, Stanmore, Woburn, Acton, Kilburn

Speaker Marshall STOCKWELL

Designed for life “on the road”, the speaker MARSHALL STOCKWELL is the smallest of travel, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connection and jack, is also equipped with a USB port to charge the smartphone.

The weight of only 1.2kg, allows you to carry it easily anywhere, is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows incredible autonomy: 25 hours of continuous listening.

Equipped with 2 tweeters and 2 2.25-inch woofers, “D” class two-channel amplifier with 25W RMS power; 4.200hz crossover, frequency range 50-20.000Hz.

The brass knobs, for the analog volume control, bass and treble, placed on the top, are hidden, just press them down so that they disappear into the speaker. The hands-free function allows you to answer phone calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

Purchasable separately, or in the bundle version, the Flip cover Marshall it is a very useful accessory to improve protection during transport.

Speaker Marshall STANMORE

The speaker MARSHALL STANMORE, is built according to the criteria of the most famous amplifiers.

The electronics, designed to guarantee the best performance, have a power amplification in class “D” 20x20watt RMS or 1x40watt RMS. The frequency response from 45Hz-22,000Hz, 2.500Hz crossover.

Multiple connections allow you to connect the STANMORE to any RCA / Jack3.5mm / Bluetooth® 4.0 sound source with aptX® technology.

The classic design, with knobs and switches in “old style”, guarantees a clean and precise sound even at high levels.

Speaker Marshall WOBURN

The speaker MARSHALL WOBURN lets you enjoy your music to the fullest, thanks to the unique 110 dB sound impact with a 2x20W + 1X50W “D” class amplification and a 35Hz-22.000Hz frequency response, 2.800Hz crossover.

You can play your music play by choosing between RCA / 3.5mm Jack / Bluetooth® 4.0 with aptX® technology, it is also prepared for two modes of stadby: PowerSaver and standard, useful in minimizing the environmental impact of the speakers when the product is not used.

The “old style” design recalls the times when the vinyl was the excellence and the gold details embellish the shapes; WOBURN is the perfect meeting point between technology and vintage style typical of the Marshall world.