As a fan of creativity and design, I develop my passion through various collaborations.

My creativity plays a key role: to create something that does not yet exist and transform it into an object of desire for the potential buyer.

My creative contribution has the task of identifying the style with which to develop housing solutions, but also technical for the realization of the visual aids necessary to make the most of the projects and satisfy the customers.

Floor plans 2 and 3D, room rendering, video compositions, large format poster printing, are very effective tools, which guide the buyer in the final choice.

In addition to the simple graphic impact, given by the images, the same environments can be reproduced in VR (virtual reality), thanks to the use of special viewers it is possible to immerse yourself completely in the environment just shown in the photo…

“Graphics and design becomes nectar for my creative days!”


Regional Ambassador

Thanks to the friends of @coohom for this recognition.

Together with ShortStaysandMore we are proud to represent them for Italy.

With this incredible tool we create 2D and 3D floor plans, photographic renderings and immersive virtual tours with the highest quality.

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