Auto Likes Instagram with a Bot

With Auto Likes Instagram bot, you set things up to auto-like a particular user’s posts. When the like is sent, you’ll get a message in Slack letting you know it happened so you can actually check out the post yourself. And you should absolutely look at that post ASAP rather than make someone think you saw (and liked) something you didn’t.

The idea here is to avoid a “Why didn’t you like X” conversation when you’re super busy, not entirely remove yourself from the equation.

The bot is available as a free download on Github. Its creator, Gulzar1996, created it as a way to auto-like his girlfriend’s posts.

This script runs Instagram API every 15mins (cronjob) and checks for any new Instagram post for a paticular user_id. If a new a post is found it likes the post and sends a notification to your configured Slack channel using Slack Webhooks.

Auto likes Instagram

For now, it only works for Instagram, but he has plans to add Twitter support as well as a layer of facial recognition in the future, so you could potentially only like pictures that include your friend (or significant other’s) face instead of everything in their timeline.

Another good option: just setting up notifications for when your friend posts. You can do that by going to his or her profile on Instagram and tapping the three dots on the top right side of the page.

From there, select “Turn on Post Notifications” to get a push notification from the Instagram app each time a new post comes in.

Then you can like it for real.