How to increase followers on Instagram with Captivate

Instagram is by now one of the major social media, its users are constantly growing and the social activity for publishing images is really funnuy and interesting.

In the next lines, I will tell you how t increase your Instagram followers by utilizing an App called Captivate, that you can download from the Apple store Apple or Android stores.

How to increase your followers on Instagram

The easiest way to increase your followers is the
following: follow the account, click on Like, make comments, upload pictures, then hope for the others to do the same with you.

This process is very slow and time-consuming, it can risk not to fulfil your expectations, at this stage our Captivate App gets into the game.

These are the key steps:

follow the users following big accounts;
click on Like for all the pictures with #hashtag we are interested in;
Unfollow the users we are following to maintain a number of about 1000 users we follow.

Let’s configure Captivate

After downloading the app, we access to it by using our Instagram credentials

Captivate: first access

Before using the app click on the Settings button (bottom right – the one with the gear) to select the parameters as per the image below:

Play sound effect: if you like listening to sounds…
Background status update: it allows the app to work in background
Maximum batch actions: set up at max 100

Follower filters end Unfollow filters: all in ON, as per the screenshot.

Captivate: settings

Follow the users

First step: search for the big accounts followers, the procedure is simple:

we search for big accounts from which we will copy their followers by clicking on Search (bottom lens icon);
we select the account and click on its followers;
we wait for the users’ list to be uploaded and then click on Quick Select end Select all button, other possibilities to select the entire list are: Deselect all, Invert selection, Selection segment, Select non-following.

We click on Actions top right and then on Follow.
We confirm by clicking on Yes and wait for the App to start following the new users.

At this stage, Captivate will ask if we want the procedure to continue in Background (the App shall work for us when we use the smartphone) we click on Run actions in background.

The App shall work for us on the Instagram profile saving us a lot of time.

Likes on specific #hashtags

Second step: click Like on the pictures, the procedure is very similar to the previous one:

  • we search for the preferred #hashtag by clicking on Search (at the bottom);
  • we click on Options (top left) and select the type of search users or tags;
  • we insert the #tag we are looking for (#NATUR) in the search space and click on it;

If the posts appear in sequence and not in grid mode, we click on Actions end then View posts in grid mode;
through Quick Select, we click on Select all then Actions finally Like, the App will click the Likes for us.


Unfollow our followers

Another key operation is to reduce the number of people we follow:

select Following among the 4 bottom buttons;
with Quick select you decide whom you want to unfollow;
with Actions (top right) you select Unfollow;
as the previous passages, the App shall work in the background for us.

To summarise we can say that Captivate is our Instagram’s butler, it is App that can really help us save lots of working hours.

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