Improve photographs: Photoshop tutorial

Improve photographs: I have always been a lover of images, from an early age I drew, drew and drew: portraits, landscapes, still lifes.

Then the computer arrived, and I replaced crayons, felt-tip pens and brushes with a printer, think, the first was needle-like!

With time, technology has progressed, the computer has become increasingly powerful, the color inkjet printers have arrived, the scanner with which I acquired images, photographs.

So I started to take the first steps in the way of computer graphics with version 2.0 of Photoshop.

Improve photographs
Improve photographs

Today the level reached is extraordinary, all of us with a simple PC or even with a smartphone, we can turn into real graphic designers.

My hunger and insatiable desire to learn, clashed with a fantastic course, which explains in detail how to turn a simple photograph into a digital masterpiece.

With this course bring your skills to a next level.

You will learn how to create better photos by reducing the cost of lenses and professional cameras to zero, all thanks to photo editing.

The course involves the use of Photoshop, you can rent it from the site Adobe.

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