Network marketing is the way.

When we hear about network marketing (NM) we immediately associate it with negative or even misrepresenting activities.

Most likely the reticence is connected with the failure a lot of companies developing this system have gone thru thus breaking the promises to their clients/partners.

However this distribution system is still under use and is highly developed in some cuntries and lots of important international companies based their own organisations on this system.

With our guide we aim at facing this theme in the most unbiaised possible way by starting with: the network marketing definition, strengths and weaknsses analysis, case histories of multinational companies making use of network marleting to supply concrete elements to choose the best opportunity for you.

Network Marketing:  the meaning

NM: what is it?

It is a business model based on a distribution network to be capable to develop the system itself.

It is consequently a distribution system of products or services allowing anyone to become an entrepreneur/distributor and create a distributors’ network without capitals investments.

Did we make you curious? Did you realise yu have prejudices and wish to know more?

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