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Creativity, our safety against unpredictability

Creativity, spontaneity, and curiosity are the major habits…

Do you all remember “Le petit prince“? If you haven’t read it yet, you cannot wait another more minute, READ IT NOW!

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Everyone was born to be creative, but the passing of time and our culture contributed to putting this skill aside.

Creativity, spontaneity, and curiosity are the major habits that accompanied us from childhood to adolescence.

Just a few grown-up lucky ones still have a good amount of it!

If we want to continue growing, if we want to continue improving ourselves and our children as well as the world surrounding us, do not let’s wait further to overcome the unpredictability that nowadays more than ever makes us company!

So let’s invest 20 minutes of our time listening to this old audio, dated 2006, by Ken Robinson author and coach born in UK and residing in Los Angeles.

It’s in English, but you can select the subtitles in all languages!

“If all the insects should disappear from the earth the life on earth would be over within 50 years. If all the human beings should disappear from the earth, all forms of life would blossom within 5 years”

Jonas Salk