Trading on Line – most of them do not know what’s about

On line Trading

Even if nowadays over 6 million Italians have an online bank account, most of them do not know what it is about or use it.

TOL is the English acronym for Trading on line is the way to interact with the Stock Exchange environment by sitting at your home or office desk.

This service is generally supplied by financial companies  authorised by local Stock Exchange commissions; it consists of giving private users access to an Internet platform thru which they can view and analyse both local and foreign stocks performances and purchase and resell them within few seconds.

Said companies are the so called Online brokers and earn a commission on every purchase or sales order sent to the Stock Exchange.

It is possible to buy and sell financial tools online such as stocks, debentures, futures, government bonds, etc.

The online trading is a little expensive way to invest your own money at the Stock Exchange. Commissions are low and in addition you have access to quotations and graphs in real time, technical and fundamental analysis and more. Which are key to the investor to make the right investment choices at the right time.

With the online trading you have everything under control, straight away and in real time.

You start with the pre-opening, opening, closing and also afterhours when it is about equity shares

Most of investors use TOL to invest in shares. But you can access to investment funds, government bonds,  CW, etc.

Working hours to invest in equity shares are comparable to standard jobs hours.

Opening is at 9am and closing at 17.30 pm,  auction market excluded.  If you go for the afterhours you will work extra time.

If you want to invest your money yourselves, TOL can be a good opportunity.

If you wish to know more download  here the miniguide for free.