WordPress, our first adventure.

Especially when we start-up in the digital world and are excited at the opening of our first blog/site on the WordPress platform, we miscalculate the choice of the hosting by undervaluing its importance and choosing the WordPress one.

I did fall into the trap too at my first experience in the Web, for this reason I would like to give you some suggestions and avoid you from making my same mistakes.

If you choose right now the nest WordPress hosting, the advantages and benefits are quite a lot and in a while I am going to reveal my secret, do not be in a hurry, let’s make one step at a time!!

You will discover how you can improve the positioning of your blog or website in the search engines, multiply the number of visitors, reduce the pages loading speed… are you ready for all this information?

Hosting is our engine, so it is key to make a weighted choice and not strictly linked with the cost just thinking of not extra spending.
If we buy a poor product, we will jeopardize our project even before starting, actually a slow hosting will have our pages slowly open and visitors quickly leave our pages because they are bothered by waiting few but endless 3/4 seconds.

My first web page dates back to the ’80s WordPress was still not born and when I find out I was fascinated, so I began to build my blog on wordpress.com but within a few months I realized that the restrictions imposed Were really very restrictive, so I started looking for mileage hosting for WordPress, passing and testing different platforms like Aruba, Netsosn, Altervista, Host56, 000webhost.com, ecc…

Before we continue to clarify the difference between host end domain.

The first, the host, is the web space and the engine that will allow us to install WordPress

The second, the domain, Is the address of our site www.namesite.com

There are also other WordPress hosting sites in the world that offer exceptional performance, suitable for sites with thousands of traffic, which, on the other hand, have very, very high monthly costs.

In this little guide, we look for the best solution for our project, which is suitable for both a rising blog and a site with 100,000 unique visitors per month, for spending that fluctuates between 50 and 70 euros a year; I assure you that there are not many.

Website response speeds can be verified with the convenient google tool PageSpeed Tools or Pingdom, but if you find that the values are very low, you can do nothing but change!

The choice is compulsory, because even SEO can be effective and effective if hosting is not good.

We currently expect that much, now I reveal my secret, I will tell you which hosting I chose to raise my visitors and have a great response rate.

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Well, now I’ll reveal the name of my host, Siteground, friend to the skin of this site!

If you have a site on WordPress.com or another hosting, there is no problem, SiteGround It offers a free transfer service and the staff will take care of the passage.



Activate your plan is very simple

1. Choose your hosting plan

SiteGround has 3 different plans and you can subscribe to either of them by having huge discounts through  this link.

The 3 plans are different to fulfill specific needs:

  • StartUP  ideal for the ones who are at their first experience on the Web
  • GrowBig it’s a big offer, it proposes more websites and the Supercacher integration that develops a lot the speed of the sites developed with WordPress or Joomla.
  • GoGeek it is perfect for e-commerce or big websites

Every plan includes the domain connection and registration.

Hosting SiteGround

2: Choose a Domain Name

Clients can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. We offer a wide range of domain extensions at awesome prices.

Choose a Domain Name

3. Complete your order

Differently from many other hosting suppliers the discount that Siteground proposes can be applied to any period (12/24 months) chosen during the subscription procedure.

SiteGround Domain Name
SiteGround Domain Name

What are you waiting for? register your domain straight away and land on the web with your new idea!!

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